Summercamp Hotel - Martha's Vineyard

As a former campgoer, I was delighted to discover the newly renovated Martha's Vineyard boutique hotel Summercamp! Boston-based Rachel Reider Interiors (of course!) was behind the fun, nostalgic and retro-chic design. Her team set out to create a modern interpretation of the spirit of camp; an inclusive place to gather, relax, refresh, and reconnect. I love how they captured the simple joys and carefree essence of summer...all without being overly thematic. Everything is just so bright, colorful and FUN! I mean, who can resist swinging chairs?! There's even a canteen with classic snacks (think Cracker Jacks and Dreamsicles) and sodas for sale! I want to go so bad!! You can learn all about the hotel and see even more photos by Rare Brick right over here!

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